Effective Digital Marketing at Ballymena Chamber

Recently I was asked to speak on Effective Digital Marketing at the Ballymena Chamber of Commerce.


It was a fun morning hosted by Jackie Logan of Naked PR and also featured brief talks by Diamond Recruitment Group and Q Radio Network.


It was great to get a chance to actually discuss digital marketing with local businesses and hear what they really thought about the challenges of 2016 and beyond.


Signposts to Success


The key theme of my talk was how to proactively direct people or customers to your website.


The reality is that the digital market place is saturated. Reports vary but it’s estimated that there are around 1 billion websites online now.


This is an unfathomable number and competition is everywhere so how do you direct people to your site specifically?


With Counter Digital I focus on providing digital signposts back to client websites.


These signposts come in all shapes and sizes but I focus primarily on social media, email marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO).


As discussed with the chamber, everything is designed to direct people back to a website where the real magic happens.


Your website is where you have complete control over your brand but building it is just the first step.


Think about your signposts and ask yourself – how will people get to my site?


Speak to Me


With the digital landscape constantly shifting and evolving sometimes it’s worthwhile thinking about a talk or workshop to recap and refocus.


If you’re interested in hosting a workshop or talk focused on digital marketing and would like me to speak, get in touch.

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