Search Engines are Answer Machines

"Just Google It"


We’ve all said it.


What we actually mean is “Just ask Google” and we’re all searching for answers to our every day questions:


Where are the best walks in Northern Ireland?

What are cheap healthy food recipes?

How can I invest my money?


Think of the questions your customers might ask and then consider how well your website answers them.


Search engines will direct the searcher to the best answer. Is that you?


In thinking this way you can start to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your website and begin the process of improving things until you provide Google, and other engines, with the best possible answers for your target customers.


Why Should You Care About SEO?


The number of people going online grows every day and they are constantly searching for the products, services, information and entertainment they want and need.


39 million people from the UK used Google alone in 2014 to search for what they wanted. In the same year 64% of all web traffic came from search engines.


6 out of every 10 visitors to your website is a big number. Are you providing them with the right answers to their search questions?


Search Search Search


What are people actually looking for online?


Well, as it turns out, we’re looking for absolutely everything. For example, over 40,000 people searched for “healthy recipes” in the UK in the last month alone.


No matter what your niche, there will be search traffic (although it could be tiny!)


Content-wise people are looking for answers and this could be great product pictures and descriptions, an in-depth explanation of your services or maybe just helpful tips within your niche.


Think about what your customer is asking on a search engine, then set about creating the best answers.


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