Connecting Online and Offline Marketing in Northern Ireland

The rapid evolution of digital (online) marketing can make it daunting but the reality is that the goal remains the same – getting a message out there and in front of customers.


In some cases this can only happen after successfully connecting your online and offline marketing.


The two should never exist as separate entities.


Real World to Digital


I recently worked with a Northern Ireland gym and they had one key aim – increase footfall and class participation.


We started to make members more aware of upcoming classes and timetables.


We filtered this message through various social channels but we had to connect with our offline marketing to really achieve results.


We did this by collecting the email addresses of customers who entered the gym every day.


Every customer was asked two things:


What was their email address?


What did they most want to know about their gym?


We were then able to use the growing list of email addresses and customer feedback comments to create online email marketing campaigns that really worked and added value for both the gym and their members.


Digital in Real-Time


Similar to a gym, a hotel is the perfect place to showcase the connection between online and offline marketing.


There are opportunities everywhere in a hotel to collect the information that’s all around you.


We successfully did this, via opinion cards in the bar and restaurant, and then used the data collected to inform and direct our new digital marketing campaigns.




It won’t be as easy in every sector but connecting the dots between online and offline can really benefit your digital marketing here in Northern Ireland.

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