Digital Marketing for Northern Ireland Businesses

Don’t Be Scared of Online


I’ve spoken to a few businesses around the country that worry that by increasing their efforts online things might suffer offline – in the "real world".


This couldn’t be further from the truth and I’d love to see more local businesses out there truly grasp the power of their own website, social media channels and email marketing.


This can be done alongside your efforts in your store or business. It just takes a little time, organisation and effort.


A Year in Digital


Just before Christmas I spoke to one business in Ballymena who were starting to see the rewards of a little hard work online.


In January 2015 (exactly one year ago!) they decided to use their website as more than just a static shop window. They begin to add tens, if not hundreds of products, to their website and slowly built up a reliable online shop within their own niche.


As the months passed they started to see great online traffic slowly filter through to their website and even noticed funny trends.


These trends included a bad day in the shop, due to horrible weather, being replaced by a great day online with people buying from the comfort of their own (warm & dry!) home. Their shop and website were now complimenting each other.


They did all this without taking their eye off the ball offline in their store.


Start Today!


This doesn’t just apply to shops or businesses selling a product on a shelf.


Everyone including service-based businesses, restaurants, cafes, gyms and hairdressers should look to slowly build up a great online side to their business!


Get the ball rolling...

  • Take a look at your website and ask yourself “Does the content on here answer my average customer’s questions?”


  • Start asking your customers for their email address to send them exclusive offers and up-to-date information on your business


Search Engines are Answer Machines