Could a Mechanic Use Snapchat Marketing?

Could a Northern Ireland mechanic use Snapchat marketing?

Last week, as I sat in my car awaiting the dreaded MOT test early on a Thursday morning, my mind started to wander.

All around me cars sat in three bays waiting to be tested and inside each was an owner worried about their car failing, more trips to the mechanics and more expenses. This happens 9-5 every weekday, every month, every year.

This seemed like the perfect potential customer group for any mechanic in the nearby area.

Can you imagine if a mechanic was allowed, and able to give up his or her time, to stand on the other side of the MOT test centre and talk to the unfortunate owners of cars that had just failed?

It would be the perfect opportunity to sell a solution to a very real and immediate problem.

Targeted Snapchat Geo-Filters

With Snapchat geo-filters that imaginary scenario is a very real possibility.

Mechanics now have the opportunity to target the small area around, and including, any MOT test centre in the country.

As car owners are sitting in bays waiting their turn they could open Snapchat, swipe across the various filters, and see something like below:

This Snapchat filter promotes “Gary’s Garage”, a fictional mechanics on the Lisburn Road in Belfast, and lets everyone at the test centre know about his “A+ MOT Results”.



This same type of thinking could be applied to all sorts of businesses.  

Where are the opportunities?

Also, just remember, if you’re making Snapchat filters for business you can’t include phone numbers or email addresses so get creative when targeting your customers!

If you want to get started on your own just download the Counter Digital “Snapchat for Business” free e-book here!

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