Marketing Priorities

When this Seth Godin blog landed in my inbox earlier this month, it instantly struck a chord.

The “time and money” principle is something I’ve referenced again and again when discussing projects old and new.


Effective marketing takes time.

For a small business that could be sitting down for 1 hour per week and planning out content and messaging, for another it could be daily engagement on Instagram or Twitter.  

For larger businesses more time is needed on all levels - strategising, building/creating, measurement, and improvement.

Yet for many businesses, there still seems to be a belief that improvements can be made without any investment.


The other side, of course, is that businesses can pay.

You can pay for expertise, ads and coverage, or both at the same time.


As Godin says, it all eventually boils down to priorities.

I’m guilty of falling into the trap too. Of wondering why certain things aren’t happening or progressing, but eventually it usually winds its way back to two age-old problems: time and money.

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