What is an Infographic?

A few years ago infographics were all the rage in the digital marketing world. Everybody wanted to jump on the bandwagon although that trend has slowed down with the massive rise of video content.

Despite that infographics can still be a handy little piece of content to get your message across so if you’re wondering what exactly they are, you’re in the right place!

What is an Infographic?

Essentially an infographic does what it says on the tin – it’s a graphic that represents data (with a massive focus on numbers) via images. It’s that simple!

Keep your own business in mind when looking at the examples below.

What story could you tell with a great infographic?

Focus on Design

IDV Solutions, a software company, provide a perfectly designed overview of UFO signings in the USA. It might seem like a strange topic but we appreciate the depth of this content and the cool colour scheme.

Making a Point

Heng-Chun Liow, a graphic designer, keeps things simple and start with this “Make your choices. It is your life” campaign.

This could be perfect inspiration for a public health body, an organic food producer or anyone else trying to encourage definitive messages.

Jumping on the Bandwagon

We’re no strangers to Game of Thrones here in Northern Ireland so everyone should be able to appreciate The Washington Post’s classic attempt to jump on the bandwagon with this “Valar Morghulis” infographic – a graphical representation of every death in the show.

This was released just as season six started and generated great traffic for The Post. Even the big boys tie in to pop culture for quick wins so why shouldn’t we?

If you do decide to use an infographic for your marketing try to make it unique, interesting and as creative as possible!

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