Back to School Marketing Ideas!

The end of the summer can be a depressing time. The Northern Ireland summer has been typically average, holidays have come and gone and months of school and work are just around the corner again.

However, from a business and marketing perspective September is a great time of year! Everyone is back, ready to do business and it’s “back to school” season meaning plenty of new marketing opportunities.

We take a look at what some of the biggest brands are doing. Hopefully it’ll get your creative juices flowing!

One: Consistency with Easons

Easons keep things simple with their “SORTED” 10% off campaign. 

There’s nothing worse than the mad dash to get everything organised the day before which is why Easons have been gently pushing this message since August 4th to catch the early birds.

The stationary stalwarts also provide a lesson for consistency as their social images match with their website content. Consistency is an easily achievable tactic that ensures your priority message, whatever time of the year, remains just that.

Two: Asda Go Emotional

Could “back to school” campaigns become the new Christmas ads?

It’s unlikely but Asda have decided to go for polish, high quality drama and emotion in this years TV ad. It works for them but smaller businesses might dismiss this type of campaign as something for a massive budget. Not true!

If you sell stationary, uniforms or some other school necessity why not interview kids and ask them what they love about school? Edit these clips together and then post the video on your social channels and website to get people into the “back to school” mindset.

If you don’t want to involve children, ask the mums and dads about their favorite memories of school instead.

Job done!

Three: Tesco Tips!

A quick search on Google will reveal that plenty of parents across Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK are searching for tips on topics like “How to get to school on time” and “school lunch ideas”.

Tesco are well aware of this, which is why “Back to School Tips” features as one of their key digital marketing pillars within their school section online right now.

Think about the questions your back to school customers might ask and then answer them! This can be via videos, blogs, images or whatever else you can think of.


If this has helped, let us know!

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