Digital Attention in Northern Ireland

Social media is everywhere nowadays. In the last ten years we have seen the rise and growth of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit and countless other channels.


If you’re unsure about how this directly affects you from a business standpoint it might be worth considering Gary Vaynerchuk’s “Attention argument”.


Eyes & Ears


Vaynerchuk, in countless blogs and videos, repeatedly highlights that smart businesses market their product or service wherever mass attention exists.


For all of us in 2016, this means social media.


In just the UK alone Facebook has 30 million users, Twitter 15 million and Instagram 14 million.


If you can sell worldwide, most likely through an e-commerce site, and you want to expand this out to a global scale the numbers become even more incredible.


This is where the general public now focuses its attention and that means this is where we need to market our messages.


What to Focus on?


Another way to consider this is by using public road roundabouts as an example.


Every week I drive past roundabouts that feature a business advertisement or billboard stuck in the middle.


In some cases this could be connected to charity or local sponsorships and that is fine.


From a business point of view it makes no sense.


People fly past roundabouts and pay zero attention to this platform for a message, so why waste time and money advertising there?


Think about where you market your business nowadays; think about the general public attention connected to whichever platform you’re using and then think about if it’s really worth it.


Moving Forward


Moving forward isn’t hard.


Now that you know where the collective public attention is focused, you can begin to tailor messages about your business or product for specific channels.


Go where the attention is. Then try to engage with potential customers in a fun, original or creative way.


If you want to talk more about digital attention, get in touch.

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