Bringing a Farm Online

Last summer we had the pleasure of working with Valdale Farm as they embarked on a new venture – producing natural raw milk.


Valdale Farm is a local Northern Ireland diary farm based just outside of Ballymena in County Antrim.


While they have produced pasteurised diary products for decades they recently decided to enter the natural market and needed some help spreading this message online.


Route to Market


There were various aims and targets set out at the beginning of this project with a massive focus placed on providing interested customers with the correct information and the right message.


Also, for a variety of reasons Valdale decided against exploring a social media route to market so ranking highly on Google (and Bing) was our key priority.


The product can only be purchased on site at the farm so it was extremely important that potential customers knew exactly where they could purchase raw milk in Northern Ireland.


Customer Focused Content


With very  clear aims we set to work and viewed search engines as answer machines and considered what sort of questions potential Valdale Farm customers might ask.


Where can I buy raw milk in Northern Ireland?


Is raw milk safe?


Why drink raw milk?


With this customer focused approach we set about creating relevant content that would both help customers and boost search engine rankings.


Amongst other actions we also ensured that title tags, descriptions, headings and image tags were all optimised for the best results possible.


Ranking on Google in Northern Ireland


With this organised approach we achieved the results wanted.


Valdale Farm now ranks on the first search page for “Northern Ireland raw milk” and “Raw milk in Northern Ireland” on both Google and Bing.


This means that Valdale Farm are now getting their message in front of customers actively seeking out their product!


If you want to know how this could apply to your business get in touch.

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