What you get.

  • Onsite SEO Audit
  • Offsite SEO Audit
  • Search/Online Market Research for your niche
  • SEO Implementation
  • Crucial foundations put in place, valuable market research and implementation over an agreed upon timeframe

How we do it.

We will review all SEO aspects of your website both on and off site and also provide detailed market research of your online market. You will know exactly where your website stands within your particular niche online. 

Your Onsite SEO Audit will focus on the following issues - 

  • Technical
  • Analytics
  • Meta Data
  • Website Content
  • Link Building
  • Mobile/Smartphone performance

Your Offsite SEO Audit will focus on the following issues - 

  • Search Engine Listings
  • Site Search Profile
  • Organic Landing Pages
  • Brand Search
  • Mobile/Smartphone Search
  • Directories Profile
  • Offsite Content

Search/Online Market Research will progress things further with a study of - 

  • Competitor Analysis (Top 5 Online Competitors)
  • Search Demand Analysis (Find out how many people are looking for your niche products/services)
  • Keyword Research Base 

SEO Implementation will take all highlighted issues in the audit, combine this with knowledge gained during the market research phase and create a strategy with set actions to implement over a agreed upon timeframe.