Social Media Marketing

Social Media marketing can seem like a minefield but right now the big players remain Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and LinkedIn.

Counter Digital will help you figure out which channel works best for your business, how to generate sales/leads and how to grab online consumer attention vital to any business this year and beyond!


Content Marketing

It’s 2018 and unless you’re providing someone with value online, they’ll ignore you, click away or scroll past.

Think about what grabs your attention on social media, on search engines and in emails. It makes you laugh, think, educates or challenges you.

Great Content marketing (blogging, infographics, videos, images, podcasts etc.) is the lifeblood of business online and I can help you to create this.


Email Marketing

Email marketing is hugely beneficial to business when done properly.

Stop spamming your customer mailing list and start sending them something that simultaneously interests them and grows your business.

I’ve helped businesses ranging from gyms to hotels. Together we’ve increased open rates, click through rates, sales and leads and grown customer mailing lists for future use!


Search Engine Optimisation

Search engines like Google and Bing remain the gatekeepers of the Internet and unfortunately if your website isn’t properly optimised they’ll push your business down search rankings and away from consumer attention.

Understand what SEO means in your business and market.